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In the year 1395 AH and throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, our launch was to the world of contracting and construction of all kinds, electrical and mechanical works, It has proven its ability to implement projects professionally and accurately, in accordance with specifications, contracts and the approved time period, which allowed it to gain the confidence of its customers, expand and develop its activities and services, and obtain a first-class classification in its fields of work in the construction and building sector from the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing. The second degree in the field of communications and information technology, This continuous development in our path and our adoption by most government agencies and departments in the implementation of construction and building projects, communication networks and programming, artificial intelligence technology, It is due to our commitment to one goal, which is leadership and perfection in work, And providing the best to the country in the field of our various services, which also include the field of trade, operation, maintenance and catering.

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